LegeART Gallery was founded to create and exhibit exclusive furniture and, inseparably connected with interiors, pictures and graphic arts. Our gallery cooperates with famous interior designer who invent their own unique and the entirely new series of furniture.


LegeART Gallery also put individual design into practice. These furniture are shown in galleries exhibition facilities at Gorzysława St. 27, Poznań, Poland. Moreover LegeART Gallery places great emphasis on promotion of the up-and-coming polish interior designers and artists, giving them free way in realising their visions.


our furniture are rare, unique and made of the best materials. Spending time in our gallery gives amazing experience of being among the masterpieces. Additionally, our customers have unlimites possibility to interfere to the colouring and the type of materials from which furniture are supposed to be done.
Be the first in the fabolous world of interior designs.

The President of the management board
Marian Kajdasz

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